Personalised Toy Box – Safety First !

Personalised Toy Box - Safety Features

When you buy a personalised toy box from Lands Woodcraft you buy what we believe to be the safest toy box available to order online. Our personalised toy boxes come with our main safety features as STANDARD , soft close hinges,  air vents to allow the kids to have a game of hide and seek in safety and using non-toxic materials at all times.

We would obviously love to build your personalised toy box but if you do decide to go somewhere else make sure that the builder is using these safety techniques and equipment, peace of mind is what we want with every one of our boxes so just make sure. If you would like to see our personalised toy boxes then click here and that will take you there or to look at our latest toy boxes check out our gallery and see our most up to date work from our instagram feed.

If you would like to inquire about a toy box then please contact us here and we can start talking about making the toy box bespoke to you're needs.

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Know how we can make our boxes safer ?

Please send us a message if you believe you could help us to make our boxes even safer, we would love to hear from you.

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